Sunday, April 3, 2016

Time to Move Up by Going Down...with My Weight

     Unfortunately I was unable to start my month long challenge on the 28th of March, I did manage to begin on April 1st.

     My challenge is to do 40 minute cardio workouts for the next month, from April 1st to April 30. The goal of this challenge is to maximize weight loss. My preferred method of exercise is the use of an exercise bike. This way I can set my target heart rate and the bike does the thinking for me.

     I am looking for my average heart rate to be at 125 beats per minute. It takes approximately 20 minutes of exercise at 125 beats per minute (approximately) before your metabolism kicks in and starts to burn the body fat.The next 20 minutes, in theory is to burn the fat.

    On April 1st my weight was 218 pounds. My goal starting out is to burn off 18 pounds just to get down to 200 pounds or less in the next month. Ultimately I am looking for a weight between 180 and 190. The final weight can be at 180 - 183 I will have accomplished my ultimate goal.

     Just remember though, weight loss is not accomplished by one single thing though. I must strictly maintain the correct diet in order to make this really effective. If I end up eating more calories than my body can burn during the day I will get no where. That is one thing that I have really been working on since last May.

     I had a very eye opening experience when it came to my calorie intake. I watched my diet like a hawk...until I broke my foot and all there seemed for me to do was sit on my butt watching Netflix and...eating. Yes, I did back slide and gained back the weight that I lost just by adjusting the diet. Now I am back and ready to take on this beast once and for all.

The challenge has begun and the weight will be melting. Stay tuned for updates.