Saturday, April 23, 2016

Set Back still result in Success

     So I have had some setbacks this week, and yet I seem to be succeeding. My setback is that I managed to have a foot infection resurface this last week. I ended up returning to urgent care to have it dealt with. After a minor procedure things seem to be improving but the foot is a little soar. So that means there was no biking this week. I would like to continue and I hope to do that starting on this coming Monday.

     Even with all of that said I have managed to drop even more weight. I weighed in at 208. That means I have dropped ten pounds since April 1st. What is more exciting is that I have managed to start using a Fitbit and I have been able to manage my calorie and water intake much better. Not only that I have set my goals to allow for less calories than my body is consuming. Thus allowing for weight loss. Since I started using the Fitbit I dropped four pounds. That is four pounds since last Sunday. Feeling great!

     I have a desk job so I do not move around a lot during the day. That is why I manage to carve out some time during the day to go for a walk. I walk around the medical center that I work for which encompasses several blocks. I will do this twice. I am not sure how far it is and will be using my gps to measure out the distance. Also, several times during the day I will get up and just walk for 5 to 10 minutes. This allows for some calorie burn and to get the blood flowing which helps keep me awake.

     I am really liking the Fitbit. We had it laying around the house for awhile because my wife received it from her former employer but we never set it up. I was looking for something better to track my healthy life style. What I did not realize is that we already had a great health tracker available. My wife let me use it and I have not looked back. Pairing the Fitbit with its app there is nothing, so far, that I have not been able to do.

     When I finally start exercising this next week I plan on changing it up by using the rowing machine instead of the bike. I have always wanted to add a rowing routine because of the total body workout that I cannot get on the bike. I am anticipating that I will loose some more weight during the upcoming week. With just one week to go for my challenge I am really happy with the results. Now it comes down to pushing for the finish line. I cannot wait!