Friday, April 29, 2016

My Month Long Goal Is A Bust...Yet Succeeded!

     Well it is time for my challenge wrap up. I have had a rather interesting month as far as my challenge is concerned and in my personal life. I essentially ended my challenge in the middle of the month, but not by choice and not completely

     For the a little bit better than a month I have been battling an infection that has occurred in one of my toes. It is a type of staph infection and it has been rather persistent. I am currently on my third round of antibiotics. With each new prescription the antibiotics have become stronger and stronger, the procedures on my foot are becoming more and more invasive.

     With that said my goal of 125+ beats per minute for 40 minutes has done rather well and I believe that my exercise plan can be labeled a success. This  can be verified by looking at my weight loss for this time period. On April  1st my weight was 218. During the first two weeks while still working out I was able to loose 10 pounds, bringing my weight down to 208. That is where it stayed for the rest of the month. This correlates directly with my exercise to no exercise month. With the exercise I lost 10 pounds and then leveled right off when the exercise ended.

     I have not completely abandoned all exercise though and have still maintained a consistent calorie intake to allow for weight loss ans maintenance. I have managed in the last two day to drop and additional two pounds bringing my weight down to 206 pounds and a total weight loss of 12 pounds. I believe that this is because of watching calories and walking. I make sure to walk everyday and am getting in between 4 - 5 miles in per day. This does not end my quest. Instead it is strengthened and I hope to very soon be able to rigorously exercise soon.