Friday, April 15, 2016

The Race Is On To Loose Loose The Pounds

     This is the half way point in the month and I am making great progress. The hardest part of the progress is the hungry feeling that comes over me about half way through the day and yet I keep pushing. I will be pushing through the finish line. Not to the finish line but through it. I do not plan on stopping when I get there.

     If I can push through and double what I have lost so far I will be well on my way and can consider this project a success. Then I suppose that no matter what happens I have already succeeded because of the weight that I have already taken off. As of my weigh in last night I was down to 209 pounds. That is down 9 pounds from the 218 pounds that I started with.

     That's right. If by the end of the month I double the weight I have lost so far I will have lost 18 pounds. Not bad for a plan that I have put together myself. Most people would say that I am very successful with having already lost 9 pounds. I am not most people. I will push to the end for even more.

     Remember that I have not just done this on exercise alone. In order to loose this much weight I really had to watch what I am putting into my body. That means closely watching my calorie intake. I have been watching this very closely. In fact I have only been on this plan for 15 days and I can tell that I feel as if I have over eaten if I eat two pieces of pizza (which I ate last night). Yes, pizza. I really have not changed what I eat, just how much I eat.

     I have carefully calculated my diet. I take in what I need to, not what I want to. On any diet a person must also be careful to not consume to few calories. I really do not want to make that body think that it is starving so that it starts conserving calories and starts to shut down. Once it decides to conserve calories it can actually put on fat for use later. Not only will fat be added to the body but it will not keep the muscle in healthy condition.

     So this is my ongoing challenge for the month of April. Once I have completed this I plan to continue on with my exercising. I will be moving from just a fat burn to muscle building and working on my flexibility. Yes, I will get my heart rate up to the required speed for the appropriate amount of time. I just am working out the final plans on how to do that while building muscle.

    There you have it, 9 pounds lost in 15 days! 15 days left and 9 pounds to go! Cannot wait to see where I am at on April 30th!