Friday, April 8, 2016

125+ Beats Per Minute Challenge...The Update.

     This little project is looking great now. I had a little set back in the beginning with my start date. I was originally going to start my challenge on the 28th of March...that did not happen. Instead I started on the first of April. That means the end date for this challenge is the last day of April, which is the 30th.

     I have been enjoying my little evening indoor bike rides. I have been biking for 40 minutes everyday. Actually slightly more than 40 minute because of the 5 minute warm up in the beginning and the 5 minute cool down at the end.

     I have been doing this now for one week. I am feeling great! I started out with a weight of 218 pounds. I have been closely monitoring my calorie intake and getting the biking done. As of today, I am down 6 pounds weighing in at 212. It is an excellent feeling to see the progress.

     I still have a ways to go before I reach my goal. Keeping on this pace though I am going to get there. Just think, if I can loose 6 pounds every week this month that will be 24 pounds for the month. With 24 pounds missing I should feel much better and will be tracking toward the ultimate goal of 183 pounds. I will have 11 pounds to go in the month of May if I keep on this course. I am going to do it. I desire to do it. I will do it.

     As I said, this is a combined effort from exercise and watching the calories that I am taking in. If I pig out and eat to much then the exercise will not be enough. You cannot take in more calories than you are burning from exercise and expect to accomplish any weight loss goal. Is it tough? Yes! You must have the determination to overcome the difficulties and crush the weight.

     I am doing this challenge on my own. I have the drive for success. I have a drive that will not allow me to fail and if I fail I get right back up and keep going. I do not let things get in my way and have the determination . Not everyone has this type of drive. The best thing that can be done is to create a team for yourself. Whether it is one person of 100, build a team to keep you honest and driven.

Remember every successful person has also been a failure.